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For CDC Info, Text Health to 87000. www.flu.gov

Welcome to the Beaufort County Health Department!

Beaufort County Health Department

The General Assembly identifies that unified purpose and direction of the public health system is necessary to ensure that all citizens in the State have equal access to essential public health services and declares that the mission of the public health system is to promote and contribute to the highest level of health possible for the people of North Carolina.

Know the Warning Signs of a Stroke!

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The video, “Stroke Strikes without Warning,” is presented by The North Carolina Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program and The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence.

If the signs of stroke are present, call 9-1-1 without delay! For more information visit the Start With Your Heart website.

Problems with Mosquitoes?


Learn how you can help control mosquitoes around your home.

Please remember that many mosquito problems are the result of breeding sites around the home. For service requests please call Eugene McRoy at (252) 946-6048.


As of January 2, 2010, restaurants and bars in North Carolina and many lodging establishments were required to be smoke-free, thanks to S.L 2009-27 (G. S. 130A-496), otherwise known as North Carolina’s Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law

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