Economic Development

Beaufort County Economic Development (BCED) is a department of the Beaufort County government established to facilitate the creation of growth and investment leading to new and better jobs within Beaufort County. Its core mission is to recruit and expand businesses in Beaufort County by establishing programs that retain and nurture existing businesses.  BCED works closely with local, regional, and state partners, both public and private to fulfill this mission. The department works in partnership with economic development allies to market the area. This BCED web presence features particulars about living and working in Beaufort County.  BCED leases a 12,500-square-foot building from the Beaufort County Committee of 100 for its administrative offices. This building, located in the Washington-Beaufort County Industrial Park, is also used as a training venue and an enterprise incubator. For those looking to relocate, expand or start a business here, check out: Beaufort County Available Sites and Locations.