Prevention Point Program

 Creating a safer and healthier community by:

  • Discreetly providing syringes, safe injection equipment, Narcan/Naloxone, and educational materials
  • Collecting used syringes, diabetic needles and hormone needles
  •  Providing treatment or care referrals 

Did you know?

  1. Program participants are 5 times more likely to enter treatment than non-participants.
  2. Syringe services don't increase crime; they actually increase office & public safety.
  3. 90% of program participants turn in used syringes, which means there are less used syringes in our community where accidental exposure could occur. 
  4. Syringe programs  are associated with an approximately 50% reduction in HIV and HepC.
  5. Every dollar invested results in $7 of savings.


Abigail Bradley

How to Dispose of Needles Safely:

  1. Use a hard plastic container, such as an empty laundry detergent bottle or a sharps container, to collect used syringes and equipment.
  2. Label container as "sharps" and seal tightly. 
  3. Contact the Beaufort County Health Department for any questions or concerns.
  4. Drop off the sealed container at one of the below locations to be disposed of properly.
  • Beaufort County Health Department
    1436 Highland Dr. Washington, NC 27889
  • Beaufort County Sheriff's Office 
    210 N. Market St. Washington, NC 27889