My water usage is high. What should I do?

If your water usage is high:

  • Check the toilets for leaks by adding a little food coloring to the tank. Wait about 30 minutes. If the water in the bowl changes color, there is a leak. Flush the toilet a couple of times to ensure that all food coloring is removed as food coloring may stain your toilet.
  • Check interior faucets and outside hose bibs for leaks or drips.
  • Check all pipes. Even pipes that are not visible may be leaking. Look for discoloration, moisture, or sponginess where pipes come out of walls.
  • Check all appliances for possible leaks including dishwasher, sink disposal system, ice maker, water softeners, etc).
  • Test the water flow at your meter. Turn off all of the water in your house. Go outside and write down the water meter register reading including the location of the meter flow indicator (resembles a hand on a clock). Do not use any water for 2 hours. Go back outside and check the meter again. If the water reading has advanced, then there is a leak or use of water in your house. Some meters also have a flow indicator triangle (a small red or white triangle). If the triangle is spinning, then water is passing through your meter indicating there is a leak or water usage in your house. You may need to contact the Water Department at 252-975-0720 to turn the water meter off before you repair the leak.

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1. My water usage is high. What should I do?
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